Michael and Tristen Seattle Wedding

When Harmony and I were leaving Michael and Tristen’s wedding we talked in the car (as we always do) about the wedding.  We talk about specific photos, moments, and people.  I couldn’t wait we we got in the car, and with a burst of excitement, I told her I have never been around a more accepting, caring, loving group of people.  From the kind bartender, to Iliana putting a mimosa in my hand when we met at the apartment - all the way to hugs from Michael as he told me that we played a role in making their wedding beautiful.  All of the people there were the real deal.  They weren’t phony.  They weren’t kind because they were supposed to be - they were kind because they are all truly phenomenal people.  

You can tell a lot about a couple based on the people that surround them on their wedding day - and these people were first class.  And Michael and Tristen, whom I now consider good friends, are remarkable people.  I am a better person having photographed this wedding - not something you always expect doing this job.  Thank you to everyone - you are wonderful.