Will and Ashley Gig Harbor Engagement

Every couple is unique - but my goal for everyone is that they are comfortable, relaxed, and have a great time.  This is very important in my line of work - I’d say as important as knowing how to make a good picture.  If my clients are not having fun, or they are uncomfortable - it shows.  And no matter how great the lighting is - I have a good photo, or an okay photo, instead of a great one.

That being said, Ashley and Will made the social side of my work not work at all.  It was fun.  Not just for them, but for me!  The only thing missing was good food and beer (which I haven’t quite figured out how to pull off yet).  We were all laughing… and in the end, we were getting great photos because of it.  Days like this one remind me why I love my work so much.  Thank you Ashley and Will!