Giles and Jaclyn Snohomish Wedding

Every wedding has something that you take away.  I don’t mean chalky mints, bubbles, or photobooth props - I mean a theme.  Every wedding has a theme. I often go home after shooting all day and think about what the day’s union meant to me.  Jaclyn and Giles’ theme was family.  They were fun, loving, supportive, and hilarious… and dancers, they had a lot of really good dancers. When I say that, what I mean is: There were five and six year olds that put me to serious shame.  I digress… family.  The bond they all shared made me think about my own family.  And how when I see my own children married some day I hope they experience the love, support, and hilarity that Jaclyn and Giles had.


These two are very special.  I knew that the first time I had a drink with them.  I am confidant after knowing these two - and now knowing their family that they will be more than alright.  They will have each other through the good and bad - and the support of their loved ones always.

To many glorious years together my friends - cheers!