Cole and Alisha Tacoma Wedding

I feel like I talk about rain a lot, and being a photographer in the Pacific Northwest you get used to getting soaked.  What I admire is not the man with the camera braving the downpour – but the bride who decides to go for the shot in the rain.  Hair, make-up, dress, shoes, nails done, and a perfect smile to boot – Alisha embodied that elegance in the face of torrential downpour of Biblical scale.  Faced with that situation it takes someone with complete commitment, not just to their soon to be spouse, but to making a great picture.  Thank you Alisha for being the brave, elegant bride that made my job more fun and interesting.


We had the Hotel Murano – and it’s lovely.  And the pictures from in the hotel are lovely.  But when they think back years from now they are not going to think ‘wow, that lobby was beautiful’ despite that fact that it was, they are going to remember the rain – and along with that, the kiss they stole under the clear bumbershoot (umbrella for you non-PNW folks). 


I want to thank Alisha and Cole – I am again, humbled to be the one capturing memories for them.  There was rain accompanied with chorus’ of Alanis Morrissett’s ‘Ironic’, elegance when drinking campaign in the stunning Hotel Murano, a beautiful woman that looked like she walked off the page of Seattle Bride, and the best DJ I have ever had the pleasure of working with.  It was a party.  

I hope you enjoy the pictures – I thoroughly enjoyed making them.