Jeff and Emma Issaquah Wedding

I first met Jeff and Emma a year ago over a few drinks to chat about their wedding day. Somewhere between those first few drinks, dinner, their engagement session, and a couple late nights with Jeff's band I can honestly call them friends.

Jeff and Emma are two of the most genuine, easy going couples I have ever worked with. From getting ready in the afternoon to their send-off, the entire day was relaxed, and filled with great conversations amongst friends. It was everything a celebration should be. Congratulations Jemma!


Tony and Tracie Onalaska Wedding

In this line of work, I have the sincere pleasure of getting to know people with different backgrounds and personalities – it’s one of my favorite parts of this job.  I love getting to know people.  As I got to know Tracie and Tony I got to see their deep love for each other, for their family, and for their friends. 

Every couple is in love, but Tracie and Tony have sensitivity, grace, and humor in their love.  I feel privileged to have been a part of their wedding.  As always, it’s an honor to be the guy with the camera – but on a deeper level, I felt privileged to be a witness to their marriage. 

Cheers to Tracie and Tony.   To many happy years together.  Thank you both for all of the laughs, for your kindness, and for making me feel like part of the family.  Congratulations!

2016 In Review

2016 has been an amazing year of meeting new friends and reconnecting with old ones. We hope you enjoy remembering some of the moments we've had these last twelve months. And to all of you a happy new year!

Jeff and Emma Seattle Engagement

It seems to happen more and more these days – when I meet with clients it feels more like hanging out with friends.  When I first spent time with Emma and Jeff it was over some delicious craft beer (and cider) at the Beverage Place in West Seattle.  If you are the kind of person that has a hard time making decisions I recommend bringing someone along for support, the beer selection was vast and perhaps, for some, overwhelming.  But I digress.  I had a wonderful time with Jeff and Emma.  What started as a meeting turned into drinking beer and talking for hours only to end with an idea to go to another spot for a late-night burger.  To say I enjoyed myself would be an understatement.  These two have a way of turning what might have otherwise been a business meeting into a fun night getting drinks and food.


Beyond their excellent company, Jeff and Emma were extremely fun and easy to work with.  Not only are they a great looking couple – but they have such an easy-going demeanor they made the picture making process effortless.  I’m sure we will have more laughs, drinks, and an all-around amazing time the next time we spend time together.  I can’t wait for their wedding.  Congratulations you two!