Andy and Harmony

10 Years Wedding Experience/  17 Years Behind a Camera/ 15 Years Married

A Little About Us.....

We have come a long ways since we bummed around Tacoma with a 35mm Canon FTb – and even after 15 years of being married and operating a photography business, we don’t want to kill each other – love right?  The truth is we communicate telepathically when on the set… In a dark crowded reception hall – it only takes a look, or an eyebrow raise and the other one moves into position.  One eyebrow raise for ‘move that light stand’, two for ‘get that shot of the crazy uncle bustin’ a move on the dance floor’….or a telepathic stare of about three seconds means ‘can you grab me coffee it’s been 10 hours since  I sat down’.  Stuff like that.  And we love it.  Making pictures together, shooting weddings together – one of the single greatest joys we share as a couple.